GEMMA Quartz and Crystal

Company presentation

Gemma (previously SICN) has specialized for more than 30 years in synthetic quartz crystals production under hydrothermal conditions. Gemma is the most important Top High Quality* (THQ) quartz manufacturer in Western Europe, specializing in the high precision application market.
Gemma supplies its customers with THQ and HQ Crystals.

Gemma relies on its high-pressure technologies expertise and Optimized Sweeping Processes (OSP) to provide the market with as-grown and partially processed single crystal cultured quartz for advanced industrial and scientific piezo-electric applications.

Gemma has great experience and continuous actions in R&D cooperation with the leading French scientific community and an international acknowledgement through these experts : CNRS laboratories specialized in piezo-electric materials - DGA (French military agency) - CNES (French government Space Agency) and ONERA (French aerospace and defence research organization).

Gemma also has mutual and long lasting cooperation with its customers.
At present Gemma is a supplier of very high quality quartz to international companies manufacturing top level resonators, oscillators or sensors for high precision timing, frequency control and sensor applications in the space, military, telecommunication industries.

Gemma’s expert know-how is related to its ability to select the right seeds size and quality and proceed quartz growth at the appropriate optimized speed.

Gemma’s customers enjoy identical, reproducible Quartz production cycles. Gemma Top High Quality Quartz is thus delivered in various dimensions to meet industries and scientists’specific requests.

* Reference: N° 758 International Electro technical commission - Standard, IEC, second edition, 1993-04

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