GEMMA Quartz and Crystal

GEMMA Quartz & Crystal, a French High Quality synthesis quartz manufacturer, has launched an Experts' Committee involving industries, researchers and government organizations all gathered around a central subject

What Future for Quartz and its alternatives ?

This committee, gathering experts in their fields, is aimed at studying and discussing the worldwide Quartz market prospective from a scientific, industrial, sales and marketing point of view.
Committee members split into :

  • A Strategic Orientation Committee ( SOC) whose main mission is to coordinate, animate, and summarize the experts group works as well as promoting this initiative through communication and publications
  • Four Expert groups focusing on:
    • Material
    • Resonators and oscillators applications
    • Sensors applications
    • Optics applications

Each group is managed by a coordinator and analyses both the scientific aspects (R&D and production) and the marketing aspects (customers' requirements, current and future industrial applications...).

GEMMA Experts' Committee
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If you are not yet a member or if you wish to learn more about Gemma Expert's Committee, please click here.

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